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Cast in Nickel

I was out surfing one day, just watching the cormirants folding their wings and plunging headlong first into the dark ocean and thinking how well they are designed to be with at one in their environment.

How they can so easily go from air to water is remarkable. One second they flying and the next they 15 foot down catching a fish and seconds later they airborn again.

Here I am surfing and picturing myself high up on a cliff about to jump....and the anxietly and fear riping through my body about taking that leap of faith into a totally different environment just to survive. And how hard it is for us humans to plunge into another environment and how uncomfortable it makes us feel yet for this bird its part of its DNA to flex effortlessly between two vastly different environments for the survival of it's species.

Us as Humans are continiously trying to adjust, fix, transform and make boundries all around us to give us the feeling of being safe and secure and a false sense of hapiness.

The Waterbird has a sculptured surface texture of layered water.

Bronze casting with a black patina finish and waterdrop detail
Bronze casting with a white patina finish