Minitures and Maquettes

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Small Tree frogs

Different colour patinas available

Dung Beetle - Bronze casting

Beetle - 7cm and Dung Ball - 8cm diameter

                    Quirky Pets - Dogs, Cat and Mouse                          

All four quirky pets as a group

Quirky dogs - original wax form

Quirky Dog
Quirky Dog - sitting
Quirky Cat
Quirky mouse
                        Hedgehog - Mother and baby                

Original wax form
Mother is 8.5cm height

Bronze casting finished with a patina
                                            Praying Mantis                            

Bronze casting with a patina finish - 20cm

Pansy Shells

                              Large, medium and small sizes available as well as different patina finishes  
                Reflex fish                                              

Humpback whale and calf maquette - 35cm

Nickel plated bronze


Whale tails - medium (44cm width) and small (25cm width)

Alluminium casting


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