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R.S.A - D.N.A

This is a sculpture that I have needed to get out of my system for quite a while. This is a maquette of what should eventually be a monumental sculpture of about 10m high to be placed in a public space of some kind.

I will try to explain the various elements of the sculpture and the symbolism surrounding it.

Starting from the base are the ROOTS of our nation, the coming together of people from all points of the compass. This is our strength, stability and foundations. These are the roots of our ancient past and the genetic seeds of our diverse nation.

Moving upwards the roots split into the two LEGS, these are the divided years of colonialism and then apart-hate. Our country grew and evolved as two separate and parallel nations living in fear of one another.

The junction of the legs at the WOMB reflects the coming together of these two nations and birth of our new rainbow nation. The female form represents fertility, life and the nurturing of the seeds of this new nation.

Our country evolves upwards into the BODY and although we now all share the same rights, we are still divided by the void between the have's and have not's.

The body loops around into the right arm and terminates into the head of an AXE, threatening to cut into our roots, undermining our strength, stability and foundations. This reflects the breakdown of the values and the moral fabric of society as well as the violence, corruption and aggression that is overwhelming our country.

The left arm of BUILDING, BOOKS AND BARCODES is the arm of development, knowledge and the sciences. This arm of greed and comfort is on a downward curve and reflects our insensitivity towards the environment in the way that we bulldoze blindly into the future. We must heed the mistakes made by the rest of the developed world in the way that they have decimated their own environments and now have their sights fixed on ours.
The two arms together form the figure 8 of infinity and symbolise the destructive cycle of greed and power that humanity have been trapped in for the last 5000 years.

Starting from the base again the D.N.A strand is linked to the roots of our distant past and spirals upwards leading mankind progressively into the future. The D.N.A strand in our CHILDREN must now break away from the destructive cycle that embraces us at present. The D.N.A evolves and flowers through our enlightened children who must discard the ways of old and forge a new unchartered path ahead. These 11 children represent the hope offered to us by our diverse cultural mix.

The sculpture is finely balanced and reflects where as a species we now find ourselves....Flirting with Disaster.

This is ultimately a positive sculpture of hope and in the confidence that man is the ultimate survivor and will find a way.
Our hope lies with our greatest asset.....OUR CHILDREN.....

Enlightened Youth
Womb and legs
Roots and D.N.A strand
Building, Books and Barcodes