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Harmony of man and whale,

The brief for this commission was to be of a marine theme and to portray the essence of life here in Plett. It should be contemporary and abstract to complement the design of the building. The outcome was a sculpture questioning our two-faced relationship with whales and the environment. The 3m, 450 kg monumental bronze and nickel sculpture is limited to 3 editions and 1.3m maquette to 24 editions

The first thing you see is the eye, this is also the head of the man....
The polished tear flowing from the eye of the whales is the same tear flowing from the head of the man. Nature is crying out now, but we will be the one's crying soon.

Next you notice the polished spinal cord of the whale that curves downwards and dies into the heard of a harpoon, reflecting the power we hold over the destiny of all creatures.

From the spinal cord the whales ribs flow into the ribs of a boat and along into it's keel. The boat could be filled with tourists out to view these magnificent creatures while just out of sight another boat is firing an explosive tipped harpoon into the less fortunate whale. The keel runs vertically into the ship-lap planking and then into the tail. From below the tail is seen clearly. From the front the tail and body of the whale must be read into the negative spaces.

From behind there is the concave form of a man who is in shadow and darkness with his head hung down in shame. This is the side of man that is dollar driven regardless of what it costs the planet and ultimately us. This ignorant man is reaping destruction and hiding behind the smoke-screen of progress. Moving around you see the other side of man who has his face turned up towards the light and is a reflection of man's aspiration to live in harmony with our planet and our struggle to reach a higher state of awareness. He is aware of the products he buys and uses and of the consequences of all his actions.

Standing in front of this man and looking into the polished eye will reflect back to you the side of man that you are on.

Between the man's legs are the bars of commerce and industry that we are locked into. Viewed side-on this is the mouth of a whale and the baleen plates within. The reality being that these magnificent creatures were slaughtered so that we could keep abreast of fashion.

Harmony of man and whale
1.3M on steel base


The eye of the man and the whale

Harmony of man and whale in progress

The un-veiling

Casting process