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Ecomimicry 2.7M Bronze finish



is a look into how designers over the ages have made close observations of nature and how their unique designs fit their natural environment to perfection.
Very early sketches, Leonardo type drawings, of bats and birds depict aeroplane like designs.

Going into the modern ages of these observations and into the creatures of the ocean. The sea water is about 200 times thicker than that of air and these creatures would have to be 200 times more efficient to move through and operate in the salt water.
The design of this sea creature and how this design allows the manta ray to fly so gracefully past you through this mass is somewhat remarkable.

The sculpture -
The texture on the realistic ray is covered with etchings of these designs and observations from earlier ages and as your eyes move up the sculpture it becomes more modern with the design of flight and its mechanics into the future.



Upclose detail of the Manta Ray


Under view of Manta Ray


View from above



        Casting process  
  Maquette wax model