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            Synchronized Dolphins - 1m      

This sculpture was the first in a series of four pieces that were to become my very first series of sculptures for bronze.
I hadn't seen any dolphin sculptures to date that I really liked. I know dolphins pretty well from observing them with wonder and awe whilst spending so much time with them out surfing. They are the essence of freedom, fun, beauty and grace. To say that I love them would be an understatement! I feel completely at peace and as one with them while in their company - As if I was a dolphin in my previous life form.

All the sculptures that I had ever seen of dolphins all had the same problem for me, an ineffectual support, base or mounting setup. They were either stuck up against the side of a rock or some other static object or form, or they were skewered through the belly and pinned to a base with a rod. All completely unnatural or painful and shattered the very thing that makes dolphins what they are - FREE
My task for this sculpture was to rectify this injustice and to 'free' them.

I played around with some tiny wax models and the problem seemed to solve itself by having no foreign support whatsoever. So the dolphins are 'free' at last and are back in the water at play, supporting one another.

I intended that they be placed in water or some other reflective surface so that they reflect this freedom and grace.

Synchronized Dolphins - 33cm